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Presents Online Education For

Makers & Businesses Who Use 3D Printers

We give you the skillset you need to get results with your desktop 3D printer. We make it all simple.

"Only been with io3dp for a week and I have already learned a lot!

I have gone through all the lessons I have access to and have been able to apply what I have learned to improve my printing. Thank you."

- Michael Hughes, Io3DP Training Suite Member

"Serious Makers Don't Rely On YouTube Alone. The Institute of 3D Printing Provides The Right Information, From The Right Source, In The Right Order!"

"Serious Makers Don't Rely On YouTube Alone. The Institute of 3D Printing Provides The Right Information, From The Right Source, In The Right Order!"

What You Get Included in the Training Suite

Here's a taster of the all good stuff you'll get access to inside the training suite. Every aspect of 3D printing explained in simple to follow, step by step courses and materials.


We give you our entire method, in the right order. 


Core Course

The Complete Confusion-Free Guide to 3D Printing Mastery. Everything covered, starting a the beginning.

$497 Individually

Advanced Slicer


Every feature in your slicer explained. Each of the top 3 slicers covered in unmatched levels of detail.

$297 Individually



Optimise specific aspects of your printing with these easy to follow videos. Get ready to revolutionise your printing. 

$197 Individually

Ask an Expert


Want to ask an actual person? Our 3D printing Experts are on hand to answer all your questions.

$397 Lifetime Support

PDF Guides & Books

It's not all stellar video content. We've written guides so useful you'll want to print them off, too. 

Audio Sessions

Busy lifestyle? Some additional content also available as audio only, so you can listen on the move.

STL Files

To get the best results, follow along with our custom test prints to optimise & then get expert feedback on them.

Useful Tools

Access all the

little-known, useful tools our Experts use daily to get them where they are today.

If you'd purchased lifetime access to all of the above it'd cost well in excess of $1400


Instead, get access to it ALL inside the Institute for just $0.74/day - when billed annually.


(Cancel any time, no contracts or tie-ins)

Ed Tyson

Founder & Ex-Overwhelmed 3D Printerer

Keeping it simple.

My name’s Ed Tyson, and I started my 3D printing journey 6 years ago, originally to make RC plane and drone parts and modifications. The creating part was amazing, but learning how to properly use the 3D printer and maximise its potential was admittedly a daunting experience!


To stop you having this overwhelm when starting out, I’ve created a complete training suite to make 3D printing simple. Designed to fast track you all the way from choosing what printer to get, how to get your first prints, how to tune in your printer, learn all the slicer settings and fine tune your machine. And everything in between.


The alternative...


Sure you could just keep going with 'trial and error' - but that's a tough route. You'll either a) end up quitting, after wasting a ton of money on wasted filament and then your printer's just sat there, collecting dust like an expensive, high-tech paperweight.


And all the dreams of stuff you wanted to print, will stay that way - just dreams, with your printer becoming the ultimate failed project...

My fantastic team of Experts








Over 20 years combined experience, on-hand to help you, 1:1 mentorship level support.

Or, b) you'll spend every waking moment getting more and more frustrated. Slowly making progress, eventually - but at what expense? Other projects, other hobbies, time with your kids, friends, wife? What are you willing to sacrifice to try reinvent the wheel and master the 3D printer all on your own?


Or you could just get the help you need, from the people that can help you make everything simple. It'll give you the confidence to simply print what you want, when you want to and time to spend on other projects. 


It'll give you the time to just use your prints, inspire & reconnect with your kids, or make the wife proud of your 'inner inventor' that actually creates cool, interesting stuff.


Just like your cordless drill, it's a tool that once you use it for something, you'll want to use it for everything. Before long you'll wonder how you ever got by without it. 


Maximise the possibilities of your printer, and start using it to improve the world around you, as the ultimate life-upgrade tool. 


So act now, before your next seemingly unsolvable print failure and join the hundreds of members already getting clarity with their 3D printing.


Join today, 100% risk free with my 30 day money back guarantee.


You can cancel easily anytime and there are no contracts, so you've got nothing to loose. 


Get instant access - even at 2am, guaranteed.

Need to buy multiple licenses? Please contact us for business and education sales.

What our members say:

I have learned a lot from this course that I know will improve my 3D printing career.


I love how detailed Adam is in his evaluations.


30th Dec 19

Yadunandan Vijayaraman

Io3DP Training Suite Member

Excellent tips. I am still "learning" about the extrusion multiplier number.


I had no idea that even a 1% change could make a difference!


8th Jan 20

Tim Aucoin

Io3DP Training Suite Member

I wanted to thank you guys for covering Nylon.


It's helped set you guys apart from other 'how to get started' YouTube videos.


11th Nov 19

Luke Reeves

Io3DP Training Suite Member

Who is the Io3DP for?

  • If you're a complete beginner and don't have much (or any!) of an idea of where to begin. 

  • You have a specific fault with a print (or your printer) right now and you desperately need it fixed. You just want to ask someone whose actually done it before because the other stuff out there is too general and what you've tried isn't working. 

  • Maybe you've had some success with your prints, but you know they're not as good as they could be. 

  • Some of our members print for their own business. They want a service like ours to support them, so they can focus their time for their customers. 

  • Maybe you've been assigned "3D printer operator" at work because you casually mentioned you'd used one before. You now need a full stack of skills to get up to speed, and ideally some tech support you can fall back on when others are looking to you for answers.

Who is it NOT for?

  • You know pretty much everything there is to know about your printer. You're so advanced, you don't even look at the first layer anymore. 

  • You only print with resin, DLP / SLA based printers - sorry but our content cannot help you at this time as we only cater for desktop consumer level FFF (filament) based printers. 

  • If there's only 1 thing you want to learn. To really get 3D printing, you've got to understand how everything relates to each other in harmony. While we can help you fix a specific issue you're having, we can't split up the course or masterclasses. 

  • If you're not willing to put what you learn from our training and the help from experts into practice, please do not join. We only want to help those who want to get results. This is a done with you service, not done for you. 

  • "My prints are perfect, I'm just looking for my next challenge." - Sorry, no hard problems to solve here, we just make things simple. 

"If you're new to 3D printing - there's no better place to start."

Many people try to learn through forums and Facebook groups. This makes sense on the surface, I too used to try that route. But let me explain why this is usually actually damaging to your learning and results (and so so frustrating). 


Sure there’s some value to be had from these places, but it is a minefield. 


Here’s the problem with free advice online, it’s usually wrong for several reasons:

  1. People tell you something that only applies to their machine / setup / model / slicer / filament…

  2. People tell you what they should actually be doing, not you.

  3. People tell you what they’ve heard someone else say, but never did. (so common)

  4. People tell you what they did, even if it was the wrong thing, to feel good about their decision. (maybe checkout their prints, then decide if you want their advice)

  5. People give advice to gain status/control. They tell you what you “have” to do, as a command.

And if you DO get lucky, and get the 6th type of response (the correct one, from someone who knows and isn’t on a power trip) do you really know enough to sort through all that clutter and choose the advice you should spend your time following?


Even after all of that, those “good” responses are often over simplistic (understandably so, because they’ve replied to similar questions so many times before) and most frustratingly of all, when you follow up with more questions they’re often nowhere to be found...


Is that the kind of struggle you want to put up with?


Contrast all that with what our members experience. Here's what one Io3DP member, Dean Quarterman had to say about his first experience with our experts >>>

Things to look forward when you join the Institute:

The Complete Confusion-Free Guide To 3D Printing Mastery Core Course      $497  INCLUDED

Deep-Dive Masterclasses     $197  INCLUDED

Advanced Slicer Mastery Course     $297 INCLUDED

Our Members-Only Community     $priceless  INCLUDED

Technical Helpers On Hand     $397  INCLUDED

Plus so much more...

ALL included for just $27 /month

Start getting the 3D Printing skillset you need today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • Q: What exactly is included in the 30 day free access?

    A: The very second you log in to start your free you’ll get access to all this: Modules 1 & 2 (8 videos) , 3 deep-dive masterclasses and multiple slicer mastery classes.


    You’ll also have access to the books, PDF worksheets, audio files and a ton of other bonus content as soon as you join. In short, we’ve balanced the perfect amount of stuff so you can binge for hours straight away if you like, while still keeping it all easy to take in, in bite sized chunks. 


    No payment details are taken during the 30 day free access. There are no contracts. We just want you to be able to make the most of your time at home and why not get the family involved!

  • Q: Why is this a monthly payment membership?

    A: It doesn’t have to be - we are offering the individual courses to buy at full price, and some choose to buy them to get full access to everything, all at once. 


    However, we wanted this to be accessible to as many people as possible, so we introduced the low monthly payment option. As you’ll see, this comes with additional benefits too.


    In addition with 3D printing changing and advancing all the time it’s important the content you’re receiving is up to date, which we wouldn’t be able to deliver on a one-time stand-alone course. 

    To be clear though, there is no contract, you can leave anytime. The membership is designed so you can join just for the amount of time you need, and simply leave when you’re at the level you want to be.

  • Q: How long will I need to be subscribed before I have the full course?

    A: Combining what you get when you first log in, and how much content is delivered weekly, you'll have received the full Core Course and the Slicer course (and a whole lot more) at 3 months.


    After those courses, we deliver increasingly more varied and advanced content (still explained simply) to further your progress. 

  • Q: Are the videos subtitled?

    A: Yes! Our earlier members helped point this out to us, those who were hard of hearing or where English isn't their first language have trouble following online video content.


    As soon as we realised this was a priority to our members, we started to caption every video in the membership (we're about 80% done). 


    This had to be done manually due to the specific language commonly used in 3D printing isn’t something automatic captioning services have much experience picking up on, so you can be rest assured on the accuracy. 

  • Q: Do you cover the safety concerns with 3D printers?

    A: Yes, this is a hugely important aspect of 3D printing and something hardly anyone touches on. 


    It’s extremely important to use 3D printers correctly with your health as the most significant priority. Unfortunately the term “health and safety” immediately turns most people off - but it doesn't change the fact that most people are using their printers incorrectly from that respect. 


    So please ensure you take the time to watch the safety videos in the membership. AND you can access these during the free trial as we don’t expect people to have to pay for information that should be a requirement.

    • Q: Why shouldn’t I just use forum and Facebook groups to learn?​

      A: Simply put, free help is never free - you pay tenfold with your time. Honestly, I always found forums exhausting. Here's why. 


      If you’re searching for existing answers, there’s a ton of duplication in threads. And where there’s duplication, there’s a lot of inconsistency in the quality of answers. 


      No matter how well intentioned they are, you nearly always end up with opposing views from 2 or more people claiming to know what they’re talking about. Who should you believe?


      It leaves you almost as confused as you started. Browsing forums for a short while left me clear on only one thing: in 3D printing there is no consensus on anything. 


      You’re also likely asking a question that either has already been asked a lot of times already or that the person answering thinks has been asked before.


      So a common issue is that if you do get an answer, they misunderstand the question, and so your answer is irrelevant to your exact situation. But you might not realise that until you’ve wasted your time blindly following their advice. 


      Or perhaps their answer is on track but they’ve answered it so many times already they’re bored of answering the same questions so they leave out specific details that you needed, that was new to you.


      And/or then they ignore all your follow up questions (even more frustrating). 


      The worst bit, is that you can have 8 printers with what looks to be a similar problem, but all have different causes. What they don’t realise is your issue is nearly always unique. Everything you did up until this point is different, so you get different results and need different answers. 


      If you never knew the steps to take to begin with, no amount of troubleshooting will ever get you on the right track. Your future success will always be held back by the mistakes you didn’t know you made. 


      Our experts are verified in their knowledge and experience across a huge range of 3D printers. They can fast track your progress like nothing else. And the best bit? They have a genuine interest in your projects and success. They actually care. 

    • Q: What's the catch?

      A: There is no catch. To be clear, you are not entering into a contract, and you can leave easily at any time.


      You get a ton of bonus content when you sign up, and get to keep most of it even if you do choose to cancel (see it as a thank you gift from us) and get to access everything mentioned above. 


      The only difference between buying the courses outright and opting for the membership is the rate of content delivery. The membership delivers new content weekly, and continues to do so with new & future trainings we create for as long as you choose to remain a member. 


      I wanted to create the ultimate 3D printing educational programme, complete with unlimited help and support because I know how overwhelming all this can be if you try to go it alone. 

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