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3D   P R I N T I N G   M A D E   S I M P L E

Have Questions?

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Desktop FDM 3D Printing Mastery Certification

This is the best course ever.

I am able to follow at my own pace... All the pieces I need are right there...The course is so well organized and I love the level of detail in the Masterclasses.- Moira Davy

Arm yourself with the most comprehensive FDM 3D printer training available...

It’s the only certification currently available that fully tutors every aspect of the FDM printing process, including the associated software and slicers. 


Leaving you with a real, specialist and practical based set of skills to go into any business (yours or others) and run your machines in the most effective and efficient manner. 


And... effortlessly communicate the fact you can do these things, to others. So you get the respect and recognition you deserve. 

What's Included

Here's what you will get access to if you sign up today

  • Desktop FDM 3D Printing Mastery Certification & Badge (Worth $1,997)


    Once you’ve qualified by passing the assessment (also performed online, so you can access anywhere in the world) you’ll be awarded our flagship certification. 


    You’ll also get your own unique digital badge to display on your website to improve trust. Or include it in your resume to clearly stand out from less qualified applicants. Or on your product pages to increase conversion rates. 


    With the Institute of 3D Printing’s Desktop FDM Mastery Certification, you won’t get second guessed, questioned or having your expertise overlooked by your clients, your boss, potential customers or colleagues, again. 

  • Our Accelerated-Delivery Complete Confusion-Free Guide To 3D Printing Mastery Course (Worth $497)


    You can work through our step by step educational content at your own pace. Take it in as little as a few days (if you don’t like sleep) or complete over a month or longer. 


    You’ll get full access to this material straight away, which you can access any time of day through your online access portal and get to keep access for life - including all updates we release in future. 


    Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll have the skills and absolute confidence in yourself to get predictable and reliable results from any desktop FDM 3D printer. 

  • Our Complete Deep-Dive Masterclass Library (Worth $197)

    Get instant access to all our acclaimed deep dive masterclasses. These hyper-specific tutorials show you every single step to completing those elements of 3D printing that before now might have seemed more like an illusive art form…


    Everything from our exact method to temperature tuning new filaments and materials perfectly every time, to printing thin wall prints, to PID tuning the right way, all the way through to banishing stringing and mastering retraction. 

  • 6 x Months FREE Access To The Institute of 3D Printing Membership Including...​


    Full access to our Advanced Slicer Mastery Courses, Slicer how-to's covered in unrivalled depth. (Worth $297)


    Unlimited 1-on-1 Tech Support From Our Experienced Coaches, they’ll personally help you quickly resolve any issue with your printing. (Worth $397/year)


    All access to additional content we release in the membership, including additional courses, books & PDF guides. 


    Existing members choosing to become certified will have their monthly payments paused for 6 months.



    Bonus #1: Get Our Meshmixer For 3D Printing Course: Once finished you’ll be able to edit, cut, repair and manipulate any 3D model to make custom prints in minutes, without spending hours learning CAD with this powerful free software (Worth $47)

    Bonus #2: Physical Premium Certificate Shipped To You On Completion - that’s right, with free shipping anywhere in the world (Worth $29)

This Limited Offer Is Worth Combined $3461

Get everything you need to succeed as a 3D Printing professional!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Who is the Certification Course best suited for?

  • If you already handle the 3D printing at your work

  • Want to 3D print in any way for your career

  • Run a workshop or prototyping business where you offer printing services for customers

  • Sell your prints over marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon and want to stand out

  • Want to start your own business using 3D printing

What's included?

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Can multiple people take the course/test?

Are the certification questions multiple choice?

Are the videos subtitled?

Do I need a 3D printer to complete the certification?

What payment methods do you accept?

*What if I change my mind or no longer need it?

Contact us at: success@io3dp.com

or Tel: +44 (0) 1937 589 052

© The Institute Of 3D Printing trading name of rigid.ink Ltd. 2020. All rights reserved.

Contact us at: success@io3dp.com

or Tel: +44 (0) 1937 589 052

© The Institute Of 3D Printing trading name of rigid.ink Ltd. 2020. All rights reserved.