Learn The 4 Pillars Of Creating A Profitable 3D Printing Based Business

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    Work alongside an experienced entrepreneur.

    Ed Tyson has 15 years experience running his own businesses, focusing on 3D printing for the last 7 years. As well as being the founder of the Institute of 3D Printing, he's passionate about helping others achieve success in their business ventures. As a client in the Innovative Product Accelerator Workshop, you will have full access to Ed's training, as well as having direct calls with him to discuss your progress and next steps throughout.

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    Fast-track launching a product in demand, in the right marketplace.

    Using our unique niche and validation product formula, you'll be able to easily discover in-demand products. Combining this with Ed's MVP Creation & Design method means you will have access to everything you need to actually launch quickly. Alongside the knowledge of where to sell your product for maximum impact.

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    Get ahead of the market and competitors.

    Included in the workshop are clear and detailed worksheets to help with selling your products. This includes titles, descriptions, keywords and images. Allowing your products to be seen, beat competitors and stand out from the crowd so that you get those all important sales.

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    Understand the calculations you need to actually make a profit.

    Do you know how to properly price an item? It's more than just adding up the production costs. Don't get stuck looking at the small picture when talking money - we'll show you big picture to make the big bucks! 

Here's What You'll Get!


This password protected client-only area is the home of all your training, worksheets and support. All laid out in a simple, easy-to-follow format, so there's no confusion at any stage. Keep access once complete (excluding calls and support).


Once you become a client, you'll have an onboarding call with Ed to discuss how everything works and what your next steps are. All clients join at different points, so this call will be 1:1 and unique to you.




You'll have the opportunity to attend 2 coaching calls a week. They're especially valuable as you get the opportunity to learn from not just your questions, but other clients who may be at a similar or different stage in their growth.



The technical walkthroughs are shorter training videos that cover a specific how-to action required to complete a task in your business. Alongside worksheets for you to complete to keep actioning simple.



If at any point you find you need a question answering, or are unsure of something, you can submit a request form. You'll then receive an in-depth answer in the live coaching sessions, a written reply or a 1:1 call with Ed if necessary (or due a milestone call).


About The Founder

Ed has successfully scaled multiple product based businesses on a variety of platforms & been featured in online 3D printing publications (such as 3D Printing Industry, 3DPrint.com & All3DP, to name a few).


Now he's looking to help you increase sales of your 3D printed products and identify higher-margin product opportunities to build your wealth.

Ed Tyson

Founder & CEO, Institute of 3D Printing

How do I get access?

Becoming a client is a multi-step process so we can accurately determine if it's going to be beneficial for you to join. We appreciate everyone is at different places in their business. Whether you've started selling or still at the idea stage, you could still be offered the opportunity to work alongside Ed as a client.

Complete the form

& select a date/time

If approved, have your application call with Ed Tyson

As this is a close contact programme working alongside Ed, it's important he can get to know more about you, your business and your goals to confirm they align with what he can help you accomplish. This is done via an application call (phone/skype/zoom).

If the fit is right, you'll be offered a place as a client


Dr Asim Bhuta

IPA Client

I would most certainly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to sell their own 3D printed products.

The biggest take-away for me from the course itself, was the method in which Ed teaches product ideation and keyword research...what Ed teaches is a multifaceted, multi-level approach, in where you can actually generate ideas based off of the type of keyword research that you do... I managed to come up with multiple product ideas which I would never have come across even though I was already interested in that niche... It's been great to work with Ed, he really does get down into detail with you. He chases you up on the actionable items and feedback to get you to where you need to be.


IPA Client

Lives are really and profoundly being changed by your workshop

I think sales have been way beyond what I expected! My wife even said a few days ago "I was skeptical, but he didn't lie."  Still so much to figure out but I feel like I'm on my way. Thanks for passing on what you have learned to others.

Rob Rotella

Business Success Member

Thanks Ed

I understand that false sense when looking at X number of items on the print bed(s) and then look further into the cost breakdowns and see little to no profit. Looking forward to exploring that "niche" and taking my skills further.



Timothy Fillier

IPA Client

Fantastic video Ed

Great analysis of the psychology of being pre-occupied with the dopamine rush of printing lots, without analyzing and optimizing. It makes so much sense to focus on smaller, hidden markets instead of the ultra-popular stuff that will die out eventually.


Callum Coles

IPA Client

Love the idea of making the FAQs an additional selling point!

Have always found these very boring to write and completely overlooked the fact they could be used to promote the product and answer questions the customer didn't know they had.


Is this Workshop Right for You?

This workshop isn't for everyone. Although we don't exclude applications based on whether you've started selling already or not. We do request you have a certain level of experience and awareness. Read below to see what's required.


  • Those already able to use a 3D printer or outsource printing.
    This course does not include printer training, please contact
    success@io3dp.com if you need assistance with this.

  • Those that have a passion to grow a business.

  • Those determined to learn from others the skills needed to sell online.

  • Those that are open-minded and willing to try new things.


  • Those that are looking for a quick-money scheme without putting in the time and effort required.

  • Those that are closed-minded and feel they already know what they need to do.

  • Those that are unable to invest in themselves.


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