Brought to you by the creators of...


Brought to you by the creators of...

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As you may be aware, rigid.ink Ltd once produced the highest quality filament on the market and although sales were high and the feedback was amazing, it just didn't feel quite right for our team.


The area of rigid.ink we felt most passionate about was the education. We didn't realise when starting rigid.ink all the conflicting and confusing advice that was still out there, years after Ed started his journey, and just how much it was still affecting people.


We quickly tried to assist our customers and even those that weren't using rigid.ink in finding genuine, trustworthy, accurate information surrounding 3D printing. Building out our article library, creating guides and books curated by our hand-picked Experts (which we've kept live on the rigid.ink site).


To be completely honest, we're saddened to say the filament had to take a back seat towards the end as we didn't have time to increase our range of filament when the fundamental lessons of 3D printing were getting lost in the black hole of cyber-space....


We had to pivot. We had our passion. There was increasing demand. We had the knowledge.


The Institute of 3D Printing was born.


We've taken all our years of researching and producing filament, spent time speaking to those struggling for answers, analysed what was already out there causing confusion, increased our team of Experts and created the most comprehensive home of 3D printing education out there, available all-in-one place.


From choosing your first printer and learning how to master it, through to becoming fully qualified for your dream 3D printing job and even how to grow a highly profitable 3D printing business. If you want to actually enjoy your hobby and/or revolutionise your life, work or business through FDM 3D printing, we'll help you do it.

Any questions at all, we'll be happy to answer - Contact success@io3dp.com

Ed Tyson

Founder and Ex-Overwhelmed 3D Printing Enthusiast

My name’s Ed Tyson, I'm the founder of rigid.ink Ltd and the Institute of 3D Printing (I've even been featured in online 3D printing publications such as 3D Printing Industry, 3DPrint.com & All3DP, to name a few).


Anyway, a bit of background - I started my 3D printing journey 7 years ago, originally to make RC plane and drone parts and modifications. The creating part was amazing, but learning how to properly use the 3D printer and maximise its potential was admittedly a daunting experience! It was made up of a LOT of 'trial and error', hours searching online and begging on forums for some answers - not the most enjoyable.


I've always grown my businesses on feedback. I read every email directed to me and take onboard all feedback so we can continue to improve and make the Institute of 3D Printing what you want, inclusively, so don't be shy! Contact success@io3dp.com to reach me.

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© The Institute Of 3D Printing trading name of rigid.ink Ltd. 2020. All rights reserved.

© The Institute Of 3D Printing trading name of rigid.ink Ltd. 2020. All rights reserved.